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The Northern California Walking Horse Association has hi-point programs in place to recognize and award NCWHA members who show at NCWHA approved horse shows.

To be eligible, a youth or adult exhibitor must be a member in good standing, with a paid lifetime or annual membership, at of the start of the horse show for which points will accrue. All points will be tracked by the NCWHA and members are automatically enrolled by participation at an approved show.

NCWHA Members’ Classes Hi-Point Program:

1. Points will be awarded to NCWHA members who ride in designated NCWHA member classes at approved shows. Shows must be approved for points by the NCWHA Board prior to the start of the horse show (see events calendar tab).
2. Classes are open to any gaited horse of any division and may be ridden English or western.
3. Annual or lifetime membership must be completed and paid prior to the end of the show for the member to
have points counted.
4. Points will be based on the member’s placing: 5pts for 1st place, 4pts for 2nd place, 3pts for 3rd place, 3pts for 4th place, 1pt for 5th place. All participants in the class will receive 3 participation points regardless of placing. Points awarded will be doubled for Mayfest and Oktoberfest.
5. Member’s classes at each approved show will consist of the following five classes: Open 3 gait, Open 2 gait,
Amateur 2 gait, Youth 2 gait, Novice 2 gait.
6. A member may show in the Novice class only if that member has not previously won an end year NCWHA
Members’ Class high point.
7. Points may only be earned by one horse in one members’ class each show.
8. Members may show in multiple classes and count points as they are eligible.
9. Members may earn points on multiple horses if rules 10 and 11 are followed.
10. The same horse may be shown in the Open 3 gait, Open 2 gait, and Amateur 2 gait classes for class placings;
however, points will only count in one class for end year awards. Points will be awarded to the member who
shows that horse first at a given show.
11. Horses ridden in the Youth 2 gait OR Novice 2 gait may not be ridden in any other members’ classes. If a horse is ridden in the Youth 2 gait OR Novice 2 gait class and the same horse is shown in a second members’ class, all class awards will be forfeited for that horse and rider(s) and the class retied. In addition, all points toward the end year high point for that class will be forfeited.
12. All points earned by members who have their horses in training with a NCWHA member trainer will be awarded to that trainer for the end of year Trainer of the Year Hi Point Award.

Please feel free to contact Kris Herman, NCWHA Show High Point manager with any questions at or 916-730-7720.

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